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AC when on our road trip

When I graduated from private school, I wanted to take a road trip across the country to celebrate my freedom. My mom as well as dad begged me not to take the car, as they doubted it would make the long trip! My friends did not have a car either, so we did not have much choice other than to take this beat up old sedan I was driving at the time. I wasn’t truly upset about it, as my friends and I left in the middle of June when the last day of school was behind us. The people I was with and I made it all the way to the desert before our car’s air conditioning system stopped working! That was the first problem and we then realized that we didn’t have cash to throw down for it! The desert was dry and scorching, so without any a/c, we were doomed to roll down the windows and take in the scorching hot outdoor temperatures. That did not make anything better! My friends as well as myself thought we still could finish the drive without any a/c, and agreed we would repair the A/C system on the west coast. Sadly, we started having temperature concerns about two hours later. Sure enough, the car did not make it all the way to the west coast as we hoped. We had no choice but to call our parents for help, and take the worst lecture of my life! Our parents have never let us forget about our poor decision, not that I blame them. My friends and I still had a crazy adventure!

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