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Happy with the different HVAC zones

I can’t sleep unless it is very nice and cool in our bedroom.  Even in the middle of winter, I will have the fan running all the time.  I get overly hot absolutely suddenly now that I am going through my own version menopause.  I used to know that going through menopause would end up to be a wonderful thing. I could never get hot enough, plus I would go over and turn the thermostat up to seventy-two, just to keep from shivering in my boots.  Now, I am driving my spouse crazy. I not only turn the thermostat down to sixty, although I am still somehow covered in sweat. I am always telling him it is too tepid in the condo these days plus he is wearing a sweater.  He wishes I would go back to being nice and chilly once in awhile. I even wanted to call the Heating & Air Conditioning company recently to have them check the oil furnace. I didn’t know it was easily working again consistently because it was so tepid in the house to me.  Finally my spouse had enough plus he called the nearest Heating & Air Conditioning corporation. He asked them to put more temperature zones in the house. All of us had Zone Control, but there were only 3 existing zones. The seasoned owners hadn’t put individual thermostats in every single room.  Now, I could have a room all of my own, where I could turn the indoor heating off if I wanted to. I found I could go to sleep now, when I was in the midst having a heat flash, plus still return to my own bed plus snuggled with my sweet spouse when I wasn’t so hot. I know the gift of my own bedroom with my very own thermostat was a true gift of love from my spouse.

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