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It looks a lot like christmas

It is nearly the most fantastic time of the year again, Christmas is my number one time of year with all its bravado! I enjoy giving gifts to all the family members, making some tasty eggnog and Christmas sugar cookies, plus I even go the extra mile and dress up as Santa for all my nieces and nephews. My own youngsters know it is me so they do not typically play along but for all the other young kids it is great fun. However, before any of these fun Christmas activities can begin, I must first make sure that my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit is up to par and everything is running the way that it should be. We all live in a pretty cold area so if the furnace happens to go out it won’t be long until all of us are burning the yule log to stay warm. Which is why every first day of Fall, I have an HVAC serviceman from our local company come over for an inspection on my furnace. They check the vents plus HVAC duct, clean the furnace, change the air filter, and perform all the general maintenance required. They also repair any broken parts as well as clear out the ducts so the hot air coming out of the furnace is clean and free of particles. This all came as a section of the maintenance warranty I bought with my furnace plus cooling system. I bought them both at the same time plus the warranty came as a package deal. It was an investment I am genuinely glad I made.

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