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I have a job for a actually tied up personal injury lawyer, the people I was with and I regularly have customers strolling in & out of the doors, and our law office is open day & night, & there is regularly an attorney in the office! Nine times out of ten, we keep the junior attorneys overnight. They do not seem to have a problem with it, and the mornings are usually quiet. The only time all of us are truly busy, is New Years Eve, Super Bowl Monday, & St. Patrick’s Day. However to be totally honest, those are the most insane mornings for lawyers, especially the types of men and women that practice in personal injury & accident cases… I task for Mr, but alberts, & he regularly has some truly insane customers in the building. Mr. Alberts never likes to ignore any case, because he will fight with legal paperwork. My boss is the world champion of paperwork. There isn’t a person in town that wants to be against him in court, & some cases can drag on for months and even longer. The people I was with and I have a single purchaser that regularly tries to claim any type of personal injury. The people I was with and I have represented the guy for years, & he is starting to go totally crazy. Almost every time he walks to the office, he makes us adjust the thermostat to 62 degrees. The thermostat has to be set to exactly 65 degrees. The guy thinks bugging devices can’t task if the air temperature is under 62 degrees! He thinks the government is always watching his house, car, & person. He even checks the thermostat on the way into the office. I try to argue about the crazy antics, but at $450/hr for every single consultation, the lawyer will set the thermostat somewhere our purchaser wants it to be at.

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