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did not realize how hot it got

When I was visiting my mother-in-law a couple weeks ago, I was pretty surprised at how warm it was in her apartment. I could almost feel the heat coming out at me, when she opened the door to her room. I asked her if she was feeling alright and she told me that other than the ‘blasted’ heating, she felt fine. Mom said said the temperature control had broken several weeks earlier and nobody had come to fix it yet. And I was surprised at this, because she lives in an assisted living building. And so I told her I would be right back and I went down to the front desk.  There was a doctor laying at the front desk and I asked her if she was aware of a concern with the heating in my mother-in-law’s room. She seemed a bit disturbed to be confronted by me, and she began to stammer her answer. She said she vaguely remembered someone saying something. However, since there were no further requests, they thought it was just the normal complaining of their residents. And so then I asked her just how often the residents are checked on. She told me that if they rang their bell they had someone there within a few minutes. And so then I smiled and thanked her then headed back up to mom’s burning hot room. When I got there, I asked her where the emergency button was in the apartment. She showed it to me, but she also told me that is was not to be touched unless there was an actual emergency. Two minutes after I pressed the button, there were several attendants at the door. When I opened the door, they gasped from the heat! But they now realized there was a real concern with the temperature control. And so someone started to work on the heating.

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