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I remember about a year ago, I was just cleaning our attic in our house, however that’s when the thought came to me immediately that I should use the attic space to create a few nice rooms for guests. So I worked with some friends of mine we got straight to building more than one room in the attic! Admittedly, this was an expensive and long project, and we had to start with the framework, then the insulation, the electrical work, in addition to the drywall, and also coming up with ideas on hooking up the HVAC duct to these rooms. But the more I thought about it, my Heating in addition to A/C program might not be strong enough to handle more than one room. So I decided to call up the well known Heating and A/C supplier so I could speak with a certified Heating in addition to A/C professional. The HVAC professional came to my home in addition looked at all of the rooms. He said all of us were doing a good work for a short amount of time and also said it wasn’t undoubtedly necessary to install the additional HVAC duct. Reason being is that he believed we should go with a ductless mini split Heating and A/C system. He said these types of Heating in addition to A/C systems are actually energy efficient, and would be perfect for these rooms in the attic. I undoubtedly thought it was a great idea installing the ductless mini split Heating and A/C system, in each room. It was a great idea because every single room would have its own Heating in addition to A/C system with a thermostat control. I could not wait to be done with these rooms in the attic and to use the new mini split system.

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