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Central AC plan is great

Because of the weather in the section where I live, air conditioning is not a necessity. The summer time season properly only lasts a couple of months. However, we do endure some unquestionably high rapidly increasing temperatures and humidity! For quite a few years, I managed the warmer weather with a portable a/c in the home office and fans throughout the rest of the house. I wasn’t cheerful with how the cooling equipment looked in the window, and it clogged both the light and my view. Installing it every Spring and removing it every fall was aggravating. The fans were noisy, ugly, and offered unquestionably little relief from the heat. Plus, they tended to stir up dust and aggravate my pollen irritations. I finally invested in a central cooling plan for my home two years ago. I only updated to whole-home air conditioning because of a manufacturer’s rebate. I was able to add air conditioning to my forced air oil furnace without much of an investment. The improvement has been amazing. My home is far more comfortable, stays cleaner and even smells better. Now that I’m able to keep all of the windows shut tight, I don’t deal with a whole bunch of dust, pollen, bugs, fumes or traffic noises. The central cooling plan actively filters the air, greatly enhancing indoor air quality. I’ve found that I start up the a/c in the early Spring, occasionally only using the fan to circulate the indoor air. I keep the a/c running until late fall, and because of 26 SEER rating, it’s doesn’t cost all that much to operate.

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