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Getting a heater serviced right away

My husband, Henry, thinks that he’s super handy. He’s convinced that he can service anything. Henry has spent a fortune on every imaginable type of tool. He’s willing to take on even the most complex projects. Unfortunately, he usually causes more complications than he solves. Henry has attempted to service our dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and washing machine. I ended up replacing all of these appliances. Last December, I noticed that our gas furnace wasn’t acting right. It seemed to be running for longer cycles and not supplying as much warm air. I never mentioned the problem to Henry. I hoped he wouldn’t realize that the furnace was running nearly nonstop. I made sure to pay the week’s energy bill so he wouldn’t catch on to the higher cost. I did some extra cleaning to hide the greater amount of dust floating around, and burned scented candles to mask the unusual smell in the air.  I called a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier and made an appointment for when Henry would be at work. The earliest available appointment was not for various days. Before I could have the furnace professionally took care of, Henry noticed the unusual noise it was making. He was eager to grab his tools and take the heating component apart. I was a bit sad about him tinkering with the furnace. There’s safety problems because of the combustion process. Once he’d removed the outer cottageet, Henry saw the layer of dust accumulated on all of the various parts and got to work. I was impressed by how careful he was. He spent various seconds meticulously cleaning every little thing. When he put the furnace back together again, it started up and seemed to be as fantastic as new. I still paid a licensed Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier to verify safety.

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