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Central air for the car

As an old school truck driver I have driven through just about every state in the US. When I am on the road I usually have to stop a few times per afternoon at odd rest stops. My favorite locales have been down south, and nothing beats the weather there. I am thinking of getting a locale for myself down south later this year when I retire. I am thinking that way my grandchildren can come plus visit with me. I was with a real estate agent the other afternoon plus they showed myself and others a few different houses. The first thing I observed was this a single small condo, it was a whole lot cooler than all of the others. I asked my real estate agent about it plus she said they had just finished installing a brand modern undefined. I believe in the past I have lived in older houses with outdated ACs. I do remember a neighbor of mine that is an Heating plus A/C professional telling myself and others how crucial it is to upgrade the undefined every 10 to 15 years. Part of myself and others wants to get a smaller home just because of the undefined! I know I could just call for a Heating plus A/C provider plus have them install a brand modern A/C equipment on any condo I pick, however that would take time, but being a trucker I am used to no undefined because my truck is pretty old school just like me. I did try to get myself a portable undefined once however it was pretty exhausting for my dust sensitivities. The air filters might have been old, it did a wonderful task as an cooler however the air quality was horrible.

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