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Dusty HVAC device

This last trip I went on for business job was a super dooper long one, and I ended up being gone for over a month and a half, however when I got home, the stench and the heat inside our home was a bit overwhelming and bad. When I left I had put the temperature control thermostat on my wall up to 80, so that it would only turn on in the case of severe heat emergency; At some point while I was in our trip, the air conditioning system had broken down completely for some odd and unknown reason, and who knows how long it had been so tepid hot and yucky in there at that time. That accounting for the heat, however what about the aroma smell and the inferior indoor air quality? After a little digging around in the HVAC system ductwork, I found a squirrel’s nest in the air duct, and a dead squirrel in that nest. The restrained up air duct had caused the shorting out of the central Heating as well as the A/C system, and the rotting critter stunk up the whole not so happy home to boot. It was a total nightmare, especially when the Heating as well as the A/C corporation said they could fix the plan of the system however would not clear out the air duct what so ever. I had to go by super thick work gloves and manually remove the critter and the nest material from the Heating as well as the air conditioning’s air duct by myself, then let myself and others who smelled the stench tell you, it was not a good time as it sounds.

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