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Need our a/c plan handled right

I always get a ton of calls for heating and air conditioning work in the summer time months. Being a heating and an air conditioning repair guy is not easy let me tell you! I had seven extra calls the other day and it almost wore me out and made me nearly have to be forced into overtime. It was a typical summer time day, plus the really over the top temperatures outside were forecasted to be in the 100’s and above. Living in the southwestern part of the united states of america does not help matters let me tell you! I completed most of the jobs before my meal break, because they were simple air conditioning system tune-ups. After that though, I had more than two jobs scheduled on the rouster still. The first job was an air conditioning system repair, plus I ended up scheduling a fresh air conditioning system installation for the following day. Then my last job of the day was legitimately the worst of the week and I wish I had never even had to go on this HVAC job or even deal with this tiresome customer all together. I tried to tell a customer that the air conditioning system needed freon changing, although this customer thought I was pulling her leg, and she didn’t understand how the freon itself could simply just disappear into thin air. I tried to explain how the air conditioning system works all together, although she just yelled and screamed at me. She ended up kicking me out of her home pretty darn quick, before calling our boss to complain about me and what I had said about the HVAC unit. No matter how hard I work while in the day, I will never be able to satisfy most people it looks like.

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