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There is nothing quite like Winter time in the sunny state of Arizona, I can never be sure if the heat pump or the air conditioning unit will be needed. I usually wake up in the afternoon cause I work nights, and then I will  find that the heat pump has been on most of the morning time while I have been sleeping, but by dinnertime, which is my own lunch time, the air conditioning unit has kicked in as well as the home is filled with pretty cool air, then the heat pump as well as the air conditioning unit definitely take a beating during the Winter time season, when the outdoor hot and the different cold temperatures cannot make up their mind. Because I live in such an interesting and more on the warm side temperature, I have to typically be sure that my heat pump as well as my air conditioning and heating unit well work as they should be, then my family as well as I have routine service performed twice each year from our local heating and air conditioning service provider, so the heat pump as well as the air conditioning unit will last a long time. The air conditioning unit receives a full service tune up, including a coil cleaning as well as an entire drain line cleaning. The heat pump receives and gets a full service check up as well. My family as well as myself suppose and think that this service is the best way to ensure that our air conditioning unit as well as our heat pump will do the task during the seriousest seasonal weather, with our dry and hot temperature, you never guess what you will get from one hour to the next around this place!

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