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HVAC technology is smart controlled

My cell phone is most definitely my lifeline! I do basically everything with my phone. I am a digi-junkie pretty much! With the onset of the smart homes, smart cars plus smart “whatever you need at your fingertips”, I was easily in smart heaven! The ability to adjust important items in our property with the touch of a few buttons remotely…? Brilliant!

           The largest kick I get is being able to bump our thermostat up or down from my place of employment. It feels superb to come back to my property to a cooler house, rather than getting back to my property plus archaically modifying the thermostat manually… Not to mention, the wait for the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment to get the lake house air conditioned plus cooled off. I work indoors in a temperature-controlled building that has a very strong Heating plus Air Conditioning system. (They definitely prefer to keep us freezing during the day, which is just fine.) It’s not a matter of being covered in sweat plus absolutely working out in the sizzling or freezing elements. I actually think I’m spoiled plus just prefer the whole idea of being in total control of our smart Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment.

           On my lunch break this week, I sat outside plus enjoyed the mild temperature plus cool breeze. I logged into my smart house plus with a couple swipes plus pushes, I was able to turn our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment off. No need to burn the power when the weather was so nice… In a moment, I was able to change up the indoor air temperature of our home. The only thing I had to handle after work was to open the windows plus let the breeze come through. Where is the app for that?

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