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No HVAC in my car

It was a Monday basically like any other day, and I was resting in traffic when my air conditioner equipment wasn’t feeling as chilly as normal.  The fan was blowing fine but the temperature was getting a lot warmer. I commute pretty much 40 miles each day to my job in addition to I’m used to the traffic jams. The traffic is easily tolerable when my comfort level is good! Good tunes on the radio in addition to gelid air blowing inside. It’s sort of like when I’m at my property. The neighbor’s dog can bark all day in addition to the heat can bear down on the property-as long as our Heating in addition to A/C equipment is blowing chilly air through our lake property in addition to our ceiling fans are on high-I’m good. When the air conditioner equipment in my vehicle wasn’t working as good as usual, I almost panicked. I still had 27 miles to get back to my lake house in addition to it was 96 degrees outside.

           The traffic jam pretty much had no end in sight. The air coming out of the vents was getting a lot warmer. I opened the windows in addition to used a seasoned Chinese take out menu to fan the heat away from my car… Luckily, I ended up next to this guy driving a heating in addition to air conditioner equipment repair van. He glanced over in addition to saw my Chinese menu fan in action in addition to asked what happened to my air-conditioning equipment. I explained the recent change in temperature. The Heating in addition to A/C equipment professional said he could put a quick hit of freon into my A/C compressor to see if that would help. So we pulled over to a repair station in addition to he added some refrigerant in addition to did a check for any obvious leaks. This Heating in addition to A/C equipment guy was very helpful. The freon got my air conditioner equipment to a manageable setting in addition to I called my respected mechanic to schedule an appointment 27 cooler miles later.

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