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Mini pig cooilng

My mini pig is the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I like my mini pig more than anything. He is a little pink pig, I’ve had him for about 2 years. I got my mini pig when he was a tiny little pig & he is the cutest pet I’ve ever met! He cares about going on walks with me although he gets so warm & ┬ásick of it. It’s the neatest thing in the world when the people I was with and I get back into the house after a walk. My mini pig runs right out to the A/C unit & plops down in front of it. I always turn the a/c on full power for him & he just sits there & looks like the greatest guy in the world. There were a few mornings when our A/C device was busted & he was not a ecstatic camper! I didn’t even mind it however I could tell he was getting heated. I made a call to our Heating & A/C provider & they were okay. I explained how I didn’t have the cash to get a new a/c however just needed some tips on the smartest way to repair the A/C unit & get it back up for our mini pig. They laughed & told me they would come take a close look at our a/c. The Heating & A/C provider did a simple routine cleaning & changed some filters on the heating and air. He said there was a leak in the A/C device however it was an easy repair. My mini pig is back to being in front of the a/c & I have seen that increased air quality in our home, and next I am thinking of buying a programmable thermostat.

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