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When the people I was with as well as myself decided to contact a realtor to sell our beach apartment, we did so knowing that it was going to be a difficult decision. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of other decisions to make as well as the people as well as myself could not afford to repair the problems of this falling down wreckage. The people I was with as well as myself didn’t guess the expensive oil furnace was enough, but then we found out that the back side of the house needed some mold remediation. There is no way that we can afford mold remediation as well as an expensive new oil furnace. It’s been a long time since we absolutely considered moving out of the beach apartment as well as into multiple other places. There certainly are a lot of people in the area that would be happy for this beach apartment, as well as they could absolutely afford to spend multiple thousands of dollars to make it look like it did in the seventies. Unfortunately, the people as well as myself absolutely don’t have multiple millions of dollars to put out as well as we are older as well as just would like to relax as well as retire. The people as well as myself will probably try to sell our place like it is, so we won’t have to worry about replacing the oil furnace before it sells. It’s difficult to get a place to sell without a furnace, but I really don’t want to put another dollar into that place.

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