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What a dirty air filter does

I guess like a real moron to be fair with you all. I had been having extreme allergies at particular times of the day for weeks, plus I never could figure it out as to what was causing them until now! It turns out because I have 1 of those seasoned oil furnaces, the furnace filter needs to be changed out more often than official central heating plus air conditioning filters. I had not changed out our furnace filter in 4 weeks, which was our whole problem! The furnace filter has been sending awful air quality through our entire lake house making our allergies act up. It is always in the early evening when it starts to happen, plus that is about the time that the furnace always kicks on! I found this out by the furnace not coming on at that time on a day it was a little sizzling outside. I then mentioned it to our neighbor plus they told myself and others that I should change our furnace filter plus that was entirely the issue. I said I just changed it a few weeks ago, plus they laughed at myself and others plus told myself and others about the seasoned oil heating systems needed to have their filter changed out at least once a week! At that point it all began to make perfect sense to me! I instantly ran down to the basement in our condo plus had the oil furnace filter replaced. The truly next evening when it came on again, would you guess it? I had really no flu symptom troubles whatsoever! I particularly felt like a true dunce after that!

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