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Hated the room with no a/c

I lived a absolutely comfortable life growing up. My family had a nice up-to-date home with quality heating plus cooling. The house was always cool in the summertime plus moderate in the winter. I never even particularly gave it too much thought because I was used to it. When I went off to college, I was in for a rude awakening. My college had older residence hall buildings, plus I was assigned to live in the oldest 1. Unfortunately for me, this meant no a/c. Since I’ve never particularly had to live separate from a/c, I didn’t realize how poor this could be. School started in September, which is in the middle of the summer time weather. For the first month of college, the weather was about eighty degrees plus sunny each day. This meant that our dorm was typically moderate plus stuffy. The people I was with and I tried using fans, but they just blew the moderate air around the room. When I went up-to-date home from college for the first time 1 weekend, I was blown away by our a/c. I really asked my parents if they had replaced our a/c unit! I was so much more grateful for the a/c than I was before I went to college. When the weather cooled down plus fall began, I was happy! I made it through separate from a/c, plus now I was finally able to be comfortable in my own room! After that year, I made sure that I never had to live separate from a/c again. Although, I did live in 1 apartment that just used a box a/c unit. However, that was only for a short period of time. Now, I have the most current model of a/c in the books plus I utilize all the expensive features.

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