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Minding our a/c unit

As someone who always gets cold, I make sure I make note of the temperature within public locales so that I think how to dress! For example, a couple of months ago, my coworker invited me to a restaurant that I’d never been to. The people I was with and I were coming from a task conference, so I didn’t have any time to consider what outfit choice would be right for the setting. I went to the restaurant in my task clothes, which were a long sleeve button up plus a pair of khaki pants. When we sat down in the restaurant, I instantly noticed a cool draft. After about various hours, I was wishing for a jacket. By the end of the meal, I was so chilly that I had goosebumps up plus down my arms plus legs! I mentioned to 1 of the servers that the restaurant was quite chilly! She informed me that the owners like to keep the restaurant on the cooler side plus that our table happened to be particularly close to a vent, despite the fact that I was chilly the whole time, our food was still particularly delicious. A friend of mine invited me to that same restaurant for dinner tomorrow, and now that I think how much they run their a/c, I can be more prepared. I plan to wear a heavier shirt plus bring a jacket to wear over top. I may even wear a scarf! I like to wear layers so that I am ready to accommodate any heating plus cooling. I am also going to ask if we could have a table further away from the vents. The server told us that other restaurants were not as cool because the air didn’t circulate evenly to ever spot within the restaurant.

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