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A lot of damage was caused

I enjoy grilling out during the boiling summer months. Quite frankly, I would grill every single day if possible but really, the summer is when it’s perfect. Smoke in the air, kiddings running around, and a huge picnic table full of tasty sides waiting on the brisket, burgers, and ribs I’m firing up on my grill. However, there are sometimes a setback or two in the grilling adventure I like to take my loved ones on and just the other day we experienced one of these. A noisy clang and a whirring noise arose and quickly took a turn for the worst. It came from the air conditioning system which was no longer cooling down the air, so I quickly ran inside and shut off the temperature control. It was nearly ninety-five degrees outside so the back up fans I had all over the house would not keep things cool very long. Because it was the weekend, I was not sure if I could get a hold of anybody to come and maintenance my air conditioner. I called my local Heating and Air Conditioning Company and of course it went straight to voicemail, however, their answering message left an emergency number to call. I dialed the number and was immediately put in touch with a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist who was local and on call. Luckily, she was free and only lived a few blocks away so she was able to come right over. Within minutes of  looking she figured out the problem. A stick somehow managed to get into the grate and jam against the fan. She had the problem fixed quickly and we were back to the fun!

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