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This A/C system is great

I appreciate sailing. I started sailing at a really young age.  My father, also an avid sailor, taught me all about singlehanded sailing.  My dream is to own a bluewater yacht of my own some day and eventually I hope to sail around the world.  I guess it sounds like a pretty large undertaking, but you would be surprised how often circumnavigations are completed by really small boats.  I study stories about the outdated clipper ships & their passages around the horns.  It must have been pretty uncomfortable at times in those outdated boats.  Funny enough, it is still kind of uncomfortable for me and my dad, too.  You see, my father, a purist, refuses to install any type of air conditioning on the boat.  I have urged him for years now to install a small Heating, Ventilation, & A/C component on his boat but he consistently and adamantly refuses.  He says that “air conditioners have no reason for being on a blue water sailing yacht.”  I have desperately tried to get him to change his mind about air conditioning, but it’s to no avail.  And it’s not like any major changes would need to be done.  The boat does not need a central air conditioning component or radiant warming matted flooring — it just needs a plain window Heating, Ventilation, & A/C component.  Almost every other boat in the marina we use has a small window component Heating, Ventilation, & A/C attached to the companionway hatch. Every one except for our boat.  During the summers working on the boat is taxing because there is no air conditioned area for us to get into to escape the heat.  When we’re underway, I understand not having a bulky window unit sticking out of the hatch.  But it just does not make sense for us to suffer without air conditioning needlessly – especially when we’re docked up at port.

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