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I can’t believe the irony

The north country is the last frontier.  With over 1,000,000 square miles of pristine wilderness, it is an outdoorsman’s dream — if you are able to brave the environment.  The environment in this area ranges from coastal temperate rainforests to arctic tundra found in the far north above the Arctic Circle.  In order to survive outdoors in this area, a person must be seriously confident in outdoor skills, have vast know-how of edible plants, animals, and fungi, and they must be ready to survive against the elements.  It is actually easy to die from exposure in this area.  I remember a trip where a potbelly oil furnace in a cottage literally saved our lives during winter.  Heating is really essential in the winter. Both of us had been staying plenty warm by making big fires, plus the snow was not very heavy.  Then, a storm hit and it continued for days.  The whole time, I was thinking about curling up next to a sizable oil furnace, and about how warm and cozy the central heating unit made the room in the hotel I stayed at 2 weeks ago.  Anything, actually, to keep our mind off of the bitter cold.  After the 12th day things just got worse, but no heaters, no oil furnace, no hot water. Every one of us were slowly freezing.  My friend was starting to lose feeling in her feet but we just had to push on, having no choice but to try to head down off the mountain to get out of the storm.  On the 13th day, everyone saw a smoke trail. We ran for the source and we found the tiny cottage with the potbelly oil furnace/stove.  The warmth inside was exquisite. At the time, it rivaled any oil furnace, radiant heat flooring or central heat, that I had ever felt — or that I would ever feel.

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