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The a/c system fell apart

Before purchasing our modern home, my husband & I hired a licensed HVAC supplier to completely inspect the oil furnace & central cooling system.  The people I was with and I wanted to make sure the component was in peak now working order & would last for quite a few more years. Once all of us moved into the home, my husband & I started on renovations.  There was lots of things all of us wanted to upgrade. The people I was with and I tore down walls, ripped up floors, replaced windows, & bought modern appliances. The people I was with and I added more electrical outlets, replaced the overhead fixtures, & installed modern bedroom cupboards & countertops.  The remodeling project took us multiple weeks to complete, & all of us generated a great deal of dust & debris. The people I was with and I figured it was best not to operate the a/c while all of us were now working on the house. The people I was with and I kept the windows open to take advantage of a bit of ventilation.  Because all of us started the work in the early Spring, by the end of the job, the outside weather had warmed up considerably. The house was starting to know seriously overheated & sticky, & all of us were upset to get everything cleaned up & turn down the thermostat. The a/c made some different noises when it first cycled on, but it effectively cooled the house down.  Unfortunately, the cooling plan only ran for a couple of hours before quitting. The people I was with and I right away called the HVAC supplier back for repair. The people I was with and I couldn’t understand what had caused the a/c to fail. The HVAC supplier took the plan apart & showed us the inner now workings. They were completely obstructed with construction dust & debris.  The specialist suggested that all of us cover the supply & return vents before attacking an further remodeling projects.

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