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Why you want a dual fuel system

I went separate from central air conditioner for a absolutely long time.  Living in the northeast, the Summer season only lasts for a few months. However, that brief season can be entirely brutal.  We occasionally deal with hot as well as cold temperatures in the high nineties, as well as the humidity is horrendous. Not only does the home become overheated as well as suppose sticky, however there’s concerns with condensation, mold, mildew, bacteria as well as dust mites.  Portable cooling systems, box fans as well as open windows simply can’t keep up with demand; I finally decided to make the investment into whole-home cooling as well as contacted a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning business for an estimate. The specialist recommended that I install an electric heat pump rather than an cooling system.  Since a heat pump costs a great deal more to purchase as well as install than an cooling system, I assumed she was hoping for a larger profit. She recommended that I do some research into dual fuel systems before making a final decision. I l gained that a dual fuel system combines an electric heat pump with a natural gas gas furnace, taking advantage of the strengths of both.  The heat pump is far more energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly than the gas furnace. It provides whole-home cooling throughout the Summer however is superior to a conventional cooling system in efficiency as well as dehumidification. During Spring as well as fall, when the weather is frigid, the heat pump handles the heating needs. Because there’s no combustion process, the system is exceptionally safe, clean as well as helps to minimize carbon footprint.  The downside is that the heat pump is only effective until the outdoor temperature drops below cold. At that point, the gas furnace automatically takes over, providing sufficient comfort for as long as necessary. Because the systems divide the workload, both should last twice as long. By taking advantage of the most economical form of temperature control at any given time, the system saves a great deal of money off monthly bills.


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