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I am here to tell you it is best to system for something that is weeks away. I have been a notorious procrastinator in my short life, and I have often had to learn the difficult way that with some things it is best to be prepared long before the storm gets there, so to speak, but one of the things I’ve discovered I should do is get our a/c and furnace cleaned and maintenanced before it is too late. What I mean by that is that it is a good practice to have both the heating and air system all inspected out and ready to go before it even starts getting frosty or moderate respectively. There are a couple of big reasons to do this. For one, if there are HVAC problems, you will know before you try to turn on the heater and nothing happens. Also, you can count on people to be procrastinators, and it’s not so unheard of when it comes to central heating and air. Winter is the most trying season for Heating & A/C companies when it comes to furnace maintenance and check ups because all the procrastinators out there are scrambling to get it done now that they are feeling the thermostat dip. It’s exactly the same for the summertime when it comes to servicing the air conditioning. Therefore, in both cases, if you get the job done without delay, you will not have to wait many days for an appointment. Not to mention the fact that if you wait so long that it’s already snowing and cold frosty because your furnace broke down, you will have to wait even longer while you go actually without using the heater! Always system ahead.

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