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Losing cooling in our office space

Jury duty can be a real aggravation. This past year, it came at a great time for me! I did not try to use any of the numerous excuses to get out of it. I have seen co-workers come into work looking absolutely miserable and complaining constantly. They insist on coming to work anyway, because there are only few sick days that we are allowed to take during a year’s time. Thankfully, as is legally required, the company has to let us participate in jury duty. The reason that I was so delighted that I got jury duty at this ┬átime of the year was that it was the middle of August and the air conditioner at our offices had just malfunctioned. It turns out that it was a rather expensive problem that would require a great deal of time to repair. Our manager estimated that it would take nearly a week to schedule an appointment with the HVAC company and get them to come out and start the repair. The commercial air conditioner equipment quit on a Sunday, and my jury duty responsibility started that following Monday! Not only was I able to miss work, I was also not forced to endure the heat in the office without a working cooling system. ┬áMy hope was that the jury duty would continue just long enough for the HVAC equipment to be fixed, When I returned to work, I hoped that the office would be comfortable. I was so happy with the air conditioning in the courtroom. The indoor temperature was perfectly cool. I felt a little bad for my coworkers!

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