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Driving people around has been one of my preferred works so far. I do not suppose why people didn’t come up with this method sooner. I am sure that it will soon get to the point where those terrible taxi drivers will be out of business, even though I cannot say that I am sorry for the money I am making… Now, my car does not drive me to work, it is work! As a result, of course, keeping my car well-tested is more important to me than it has ever been. Now, the performance of my car as well as the comfort of it, is accommodating not just me however my clients as well. It’s not that I did not already keep my car in pretty great shape, it’s just that now, it’s more important than ever. My clients particularly appreciate my climate control system. I have typically been a firm believer in driving around in comfort, regardless of the weather or season outside. My clients typically seem to like how well my air conditioning method keeps them cool in the summertime. Periodically, they are even hesitant to leave my car once they arrive at their destination!  I can understand that. The air conditioning sure does keep my car comfortable. It’s pretty much the same in the Winter with my heating system. I keep that heat cranked up to where it’s nice and toasty for both me and the people I am driving around. I might look at other occupations in the future, however for now, driving people all over town in my car has me bringing in the big bucks!

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