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My Grandma is 1 of the only relatives that I still visit up north where I grew up. Most of my immediate family moved down south when I was a teenager and all of us don’t have very several extended relatives, at least that keep in touch anyway. I will admit that I have gotten used to the warmer weather down south in comparison to up north where I came from. I still like going to see my Grandma, and even drop by now and again while all of us were in the wintertime. It was nice to see the snow again, after all. Well, I visited her last Winter time and I didn’t really bother to check the weather too closely. It turns out that my seasoned hometown was experiencing temperatures that were getting pretty close to record lows. That, and it was snowing quite a lot. That all turned out to be okay, because it gave myself and others an possibility to do something nice for my Grandma. I would not have noticed how insufficient her seasoned oil gas furnace had become if I had not experienced it for myself while I was going to see her. I insisted that she upgrade to a new gas gas furnace for her own comfort and safety, and ended up footing much of the bill for it. It took some convincing to get my Grandma to agree to allow myself and others spend money such a hefty sum on her behalf, although I was completely dedicated to her well-being, and if I it was distinctly uncomfortable with the seasoned oil gas furnace in this weather, then all of us knew she was.

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