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No reason to get up

Have you ever had 1 of those days where you just didn’t have any motivation for wanting to get job done?  Usually it involves cleaning my house, or doing my dishes (UGH!). It is just such a dreary day, that it seems to sap the life out of me.   It is warmer today than it has been for more than one weeks. This day, the temperature was 27 degrees warmer than the high of yesterday. The people I was with and I are absolutely going to make it above frigid today.  It should be a day to relax and know care about getting something done. There is no snow or ice to handle with, but there isn’t any sunshine, either. I haven’t heard the oil furnace running nearly as much as I have over the last more than one weeks.  That will absolutely save myself and others some money on my utility bills. My spouse is taking this time to wipe the baseboard heaters. There is a lot of dust built up inside them. I thought that baseboard heating was supposed to less dusty, but my lake house is full of dust.  He told myself and others the dust was because I kept the control component too high. I told him it was dusty because of a lack of humidity. The people I was with and I have the humidifier running 24/7, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. The next multiple days is supposed to be well above normal for this time of year.  They call it a January thaw, but what do the weather forecasters know. I just call it muddy and annoyed, and difficult to keep my lake house clean.

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