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Source of cold air

I had to laugh today.  My fiance was downstairs actually working on a single of his helicopters.  He had a slim grip on his vacuum cleaner, as he ran up the stairs. I asked him if everything was all right and he said he just had to wash the air vent,  I thought he had cleaned all of the air vents a week ago. Apparently he had forgotten the air vent in the spare bedroom. I had to laugh because the air vents genuinely weren’t that dirty.  I had cleaned it right before Christmas, so every one of us could turn up the heat for our business. He said that he wanted to make sure all of the air vents were clean, in his search to find out why it was so cold in our home.  The air vents are actually the baseboard heaters. The people I was with and I have a boiler method for our furnace. The baseboard heating systems have the water pipes going through them. The fans blow the heat from the pipes, across the fins and the heat is  directed onto the floor. It has been genuinely hot for the last numerous years, however not right now. It seems that this year, our condo is so much colder. I’m not sure how long he is going to search for the source of the cold air. I keep telling him that the draft is coming up through the floor.  I think the insulation needs to be substituted, or maybe there is a crack in the foundation, however I’m not an expert in heating. Come to think of it, neither is he, so maybe every one of us should just call the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier and get checked.

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