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Does Your Climate also Affect Heating and A/C Performance?

As the summer seasons become hotter, understanding how the outdoor temperature affects the performance of your cooling and heating unit will help your whole heating and A/C perform efficiently even in serious temperatures.

Here’s what you will always need to know.

Heating and A/C and the Effects of Humidity

The indoor residual moisture levels can wreak havoc on your central unit’s performance, either in warm or cold weather. If the weather is warm and humid, the A/C works harder to compensate and keep your house sufficiently cool; on the other hand, when the humidity levels plummet while in winter, your house becomes colder, so a lot of energy will be used up to keep it satisfactorily heated in return.

Usually, the air conditioning usually takes care of the humidity on its own, however when the temperature runs to extremes, the A/C component might not be able to handle the high levels of humidity. If you notice condensation on your windows, a musty smell, or if your house feels particularly muggy, these may be an indication that the humidity is slowly overwhelming your air conditioning system.

You can have your heating and A/C provider install an extra dehumidifier on the heating and A/C component to help wring the excess moisture from the air as the fan runs. Then that way, you’ll actually adjust the temperature and the humidity from one particular access point,  your thermostat. The heating and A/C humidifier also helps manage the drier conditions while in Winter.

Humidity and Unintended Effects to the Exterior Components

You know that particular sticky feeling you have while in the summer season, where you want to take a shower every other hour? That’s because the air that’s heavy with moisture collects and deposits debris and dust making you always feel particularly uncomfortable. The build-up also affects your heating and A/C machinery, especially the exterior components.

To keep your component functioning optimally when there’s high humidity around, properly disinfect and spray off the build-up from the exterior using a hose, or better yet, call and enlist the services of a heating and A/C serviceman to give your component a full tune-up.

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