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The music and quality cooling

One of my favorite  memories I have from growing up is listening to my dad’s vinyl record albums. He was a big music fan in the 60s and 70s, and had purple crates filled with LPs. He gave me permission to use the record player in the study and listen to whatever I wanted. It was not something I did very often, because I still hadn’t actually discovered my love for older music, however whenever I indulged in the record player I enjoyed what I heard. Honestly I came to like the music on accident, as I had another reason for being in the study! When the rest of the house was sweltering, the study had air conditioning , and was an oasis of air conditioning in a dry, hot desert, however once I realized I could hang out in the study and soak in that A/C while also listening to music made listening to that music my top priority. I would bring my homework in there after school and work on it while listening to tunes under the roaring air conditioner vent. It might have started off as just being an excuse for air conditioning, however over time I really started to like a lot of those older records. That love still lives in myself and others today, and I am such a sentimental soft guy I find that listening to the old records makes me want to crank down the air conditioning. When no one else is here I will turn down the control unit, turn up the volume, and spend time walking down memory lane.

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