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Bar air quality control

Working at the local college bar used to be a lot of fun, however the older I get the more problems it causes for me. It would make a world of difference in the situation if I was an owner, or had one of the several offices upstairs, however I am just a bartender. I tote drinks, fill glasses, get stiffed on tips, the whole thing is just wearing out its welcome for me. I need to find a new line of work, because eight hour long shifts in a bar takes an impact on your mental and physical health. Then my main gripe is with the indoor air conditions, which is far below a workable level. If you are just having a few drinks or hanging around for a little while, the air quality is not something will you notice. All that stale smoke, and all those moderate bodies entirely add up to air quality that cannot be fully redeemed by any air filter known to man. After getting fatigued of hearing my complaints about it, my boss got me a combination fan and air filter to keep behind the bar. I will admit to it making a little bit of a difference, however not big enough in the overall air quality to keep me thankful for long. Maybe if they installed a new air vent from the central HVAC method to the ceiling right over the bar that might work. The clean, fresh A/C air would fall down all over me, and push away the clouds of cigarette smoke and nasty germs in the air, and make the whole situation better.

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