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Doing HVAC repair work together

Jill and I are twins, with all the requisite perks and downsides that are attendant with such an untypical designation, we are not identical twins tough. I have been told more often than I can recount that we hardly look like sisters at all. Yet here we are, me one minute thirty seconds older than Jill, with a nice six inches in height and ten pounds on her. Jill got the brains, and I got the brawn, and when we work together, we make a darned good team. She protects me from making awful decisions, and I protect her from other people. Even before she had opened the HVAC shop she runs, Jill had a problem with getting picked on, some things never change, which is why I now work at the HVAC shop with her, just to keep an eye on things. Jill is too nice, and very timid, and I had a feeling her HVAC techs were pushing her around a little bit and ducking out early on shifts. I asked Jill to hire me on as a floor supervisor, because I didn’t know the first thing about heating and cooling but I did how to manage a situation, the HVAC tech who tried to manipulate my sister got thrown out by me, physically, and I also fired him. After that the other heating and cooling techs jumped right into line, and since then we  have run a pretty tight ship… Now Jill can focus on running the shop, and I can keep the HVAC employees well in line.

HVAC set up

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