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Lower that cooling plan

My sister in addition to my brother in addition to myself were all forced to share a bedroom for multiple years. There wasn’t a lot of space in our home in addition to the fact that we had to share. My brothers in addition to myself were always fighting about something or other. When we moved down south, the two of us were still forced to share this one room all together in addition to it became a serious argument, but when the humid temperatures became hot enough to Warrant the air conditioner. This was our first time of using a house with multiple air conditioners, in order to help the air quality. My family in addition to myself had never needed air conditioners in the past, and now we were going to need one in our room. It constantly led to a lot of arguments about temperatures. My youngest sibling and addition to my sister always sat around shivering and in addition to asking us to turn off the air conditioner. My parents mostly let us work it out between us, in addition to that turned into the older children always getting their own way. Even to this day, my siblings always bring up our complete arguments about the heating in addition to air conditioning plan. They think we always got away with doing whatever we want, but they just didn’t fight hard enough to get what they wanted. It’s not my fault that we were long enough to stand up for our temperature concerns. My parents still don’t listen to that argument.

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