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Like some people, the people I was with and myself have been planning a process for transferring a parent to the local living facility. This has been difficult for the transition that we face at a difficult point in their lives. It has easily been a huge process. When the people I was with and myself past some hurdles of convincing them of time, we believed the rest would be easily. That has not really been the case. Every one of us have learned some services and financial assistance isn’t easily available for the people I was with and myself. It is a certainly aggravating process that is genuinely a pain in the butt. The assisted-living low-cal should be able to have handicap access, some repair therapy, and even a cafeteria. Unfortunately, it seems that their expenses that aren’t included is that heat pump and air conditioner. If the people I was with and myself want my parents to have any heat or air conditioner, those expenses will be billed on a biweekly basis. The people and I feel that this is a travesty, because our ageing country folk can not be living in an area where there is no climate control. I guess the housing complex will have to provide some type of services in the event that the outdoor temperatures become too warm for some people to Bear. You would think they would have to provide some type of air conditioning in the middle of the summer, when the outdoor temperature are above 90°.

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