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I’m off, but okay

Being a director is a lot harder of a job than I first had expected, before this last weekend’s recording sessions, I thought that the director was mostly like a manager. It is a far cry from simply keeping people in line. You literally have to think exactly how everything needs to come out, down to the smallest detail, and then makes sure everyone executes your vision, and without that guiding vision, the entire shoot turns into a mess. Seriously you guys, this job is crazy hard, and this was just an audio recording! We had several actors and a bunch of mics, a tech guy (who ended up mostly now working the HVAC system) and myself to keep them all working harmoniously. It started off okay, but once I got the whole team in line, the darned air conditioner turned on in the middle of the take, although it didn’t seem that loud to us, the tech guy told me the AC was making a subsonic hum on the recording track! We started from the beginning, this time with the control unit turned off completely, and that went a little better, but the newest problem was that without the a/c running all of us all started to get really warm. There were seven of us in a small room, along with all the recording equipment which generated a ton of hot air. We ended up finding a balance, running the AC for a few minutes while we ran lines, then turning it off to record. This way the cooling was adequate, enough to keep us from dripping with sweat into the mics.

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