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Herbalist, high flyer, space cowboy are a handful of names that people who smoke pot on a respected basis get.  At least they are the titles that I heard all the time when I was growing up. I guess I typically thought a certain type of people were stoners.  I thought that most of them were smokers who didn’t have jobs plus just sat around on the couch with their friends smoking a joint plus contemplating the way of the world.  For this reason I was totally caught off guard at a big time retreat for the office when I walked into a boardroom plus felt prefer I got a contact high due to the heavy weed in the room.  I guess that the crew of us have laws in our state that make it fine to have a joint or more than 1, though, I never thought that our corporate executives would be making corporation plans plus smoking the joint at the same time.  These people are in charge for the financial future of the corporation plus here they were, getting all drugged out. My opinion of people who smoke weed has totally changed since that day. Many of our workers, I have now found out, smoke ganja on a respected basis plus even bring in weed laced baked goods for the breakroom.  I have never absolutely gotten into this idea but now I am wondering about all the cookies plus baked goods I have eaten from time to time in that room.

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