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Gets its own lighting control system

The hospital started construction on a brand new building a few months ago. This new building would house a Cancer Ward, children’s burn Ward, and several new offices for the surgical and orthopedic teams. When the hospital decided to start construction, they decided to set up an integrated building plan. Designed to control all of the systems for the various wards in the new building, the integrated building plan would also have a control room, which would be located in the new building. They already started building out the control room to spec, and from what I’ve seen it looks like something from a movie. With two-dozen different monitors in the room, a giant control board that can interact with the hospital and several staffed security personnel, this room will have access to the lighting system, Heating and A/C systems, and naturally the security systems for this entire building. That’s fancy, right? The automated lighting plan will help save money, and allow the building to remain lit only in parts of the structure that are in use. The security team will be able to adjust the Heating and A/C equipment from the access control room as well, which allows further money saved by not heating or cooling areas of the hospital that are not in use. The integrated building plan should help the hospital cut down on operating costs, and usher in a new future of green energy via use of automated Solutions.

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