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Love not bothering with a key

When my sister Kim had a security program installed, they were talking about setting up keyless entry for her. With keyless entry, they would have their option of using voice entry, fingerprints, or by using cards. Keyless entry is supposed to be entirely secure, but my sister didn’t trust it. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to try out that kind of high tech program plus it was extravagantly expensive. So she chose to keep key locks and also have video surveillance plus alarms set at every door plus every window.  They also have cameras so they can see who or what is setting foot on the porch or within twenty feet of the house. For their normal household, they usually don’t worry about such tight security; usually the windows and doors are the biggest issues. Since there were a lot of threats against her granddaughter, she wanted to make sure that they knew everyone who came to the house. With the drug addiction epidemic going on today, there are always people who are looking for money to feed their addiction. They have no conscience when they are looking for their next hit to keep from feeling the pain of not being high. They don’t know or care about who they are stealing from. With a surveillance system, the homeowner feels safer and the would-be robbers will also hear the alarms going off. Keyless entry seemed like a wonderful idea at first and if the cost hadn’t been so high, she probably would have considered it. However, the only people with a key are the people who live in the house. There’s also a hidden key for the police and emergency people.

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