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Friendly HVAC professionals is family business:

My family has owned a furnace supply store for nearly 30 years, as my grandfather was one of the first people to repair and install gas furnaces in this area. In time, he opened a small furnace repair and supply store. Even though my grandfather stopped making house calls for repairs awhile ago, he still kept the furnace supply store. My parents run the store today, which is located downtown… It’s the size of a small general store or hardware store, with a large selection of furnace plus air conditioner parts.  We have numerous shapes and sizes. Additionally, we specialize in all the tough to find furnace and air conditioner parts! There are a some licensed HVAC supply dealers that will not order furnace or air conditioner parts, unless you pay to have them professionally installed with them. All of us here will order the needed parts for your air conditioner or furnace, as long as you pay for them. 20 years ago, everyone used to make repairs to their own home heating and cooling units, and now everyone expects you to use a professional. I have been working in the furnace supply store for the last ten years. As soon as I was old enough to obtain my driver’s license, my Mom offered me the task of delivering the parts. Three times each week, I take parts from our furnace supply store and deliver them to area HVAC supply businesses, for some of the local HVAC repair companies still buy their parts from our trusted furnace supply store. We will give you competitive prices and superior customer service compared to some of the bigger home supply stores. In the future, I would like to offer repair services again. I recognize the potential to increase our profits greatly.

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