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Little beach shack needs a water softener

Since my husband as well as myself retired, we knew we wanted to live out at the beach. The two of us wanted to live right on the water, appreciating the sand and warm breeze whenever we’d like. At first, the two of us thought we had received an absolute steal with our house! It was right on the beach, just as we wanted, and incredibly cheap – like someone was trying to get rid of it quick! Well, we think we know why now. After moving in as well as being in the house for a week, every one of us realized there was something missing about the beach house. Nowhere in the house did we have access to neighborhood water! The people who lived there before must have gotten water delivered to their doorstep. Using that for showering, cooking and cleaning is pricey! I can’t imagine how much that must have cost the previous owners. Anyway, we literally live right on the beach, so water is everywhere around us. We have a hard time believing that the ocean water can’t be used in some way, so we did some research to see! In time, we found a way to use that saltwater to meet our needs. Several months later, we now have what’s called a reverse osmosis system. The two of us use the saltwater right out of the ocean, which goes through special plumbing technology to be cleansed. The contaminated water first flows through a series of membranes that filter out the impurities in the water, before then being cleaned by a multi-stage system that removes sand, solids and other particles. First it removes salt as well as sand. Then it removes carbon as well as chemicals. The reverse osmosis system wasn’t cheap, I’ll tell you that – but it has definitely been worth every penny!

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