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This is why you want marijuana

After the election the past year there were several new laws set  in our State. The Governor has been sitting around for the choice to give the legalization of recreational marijuana.  He, of course, is thinking at it from the point of view of a taxable income that will increase the region of the State. The governor is not considering all of the other facets and consequences that this would entail.  With the permission it would mean that several jobs would be affected in both positive and negative ways. Many cop forces would need to implement training to teach officers how to detect the level of difficulty in the event of traffic accidents. Some drug sniffing animals would be forced to quit because they have been trained to recognizably look for marijuana and they would no longer be used.  Hospitals would need to make alterations to policies too when treating people who may be under the influence of pot products. Not only would people be able to own and smoke the medical plant, they would be able to have dedible versions with them too. Since many of the edibles mirror everyday snacks there would be the chance that children would make an error that they were candy or normal cookies or brownies.  I can foresee so many ways that this would downsidely impact our kids. Other areas have gone through this process only to have some entirely dire problems arrive too. The other thing that needs to be thought about is how they would regulate medical marijuana growers and ensure that the supply is safe for the public.

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