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Pipes ruined with wet cement

My sibling’s ex husband Jack is the meanest man in the entire world. Before he told our sibling about the divorce, he charged up all their credit cards. Then he served the papers, sticking my sibling with paying half the debt! The worst was when the house went to my sibling per the judge’s orders, as Jack did not let them have it so easily! Jack in his infinite wisdom dumped wet cement down all the drains in the house. What a monster! It just hurts my heart to think about it, let alone imagine the cost. See, the cement went down the drains and deep into the pipes before hardening into place. Since all the pipes in the lake house were totally sealed shut with cement, no one could take a shower, flush a toilet or even wash your hands. My sibling has the house, but what good is it now? He can’t live in it when none of the plumbing fixtures work. He is stuck living in my guestroom for the time being, which is fine with me – He is doing his best and working on getting the house ready to sell. A plumbing company had to come in earlier this year after Jack had his fun, and they completely removed the old piping from the house. Not repaired – replaced, through the whole house! They then have to install all new piping as well as connect it to the various plumbing fixtures around the house. The project and piping replacement wound up setting him back quite a bit, and my sibling is already losing a ton in the divorce. I just hope he gets away from that psycho as fast as he can!


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