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Need a sump pump due to moisture

Our basement has always been a bit damp.  We had always wanted to be able to put a living area down there, but with all of the dampness, it was nearly impossible.  We lived in an area that harsh winters with long cold spells and a lot of snow. When the snow would start to melt, the water would get into the drains and it would sit there.  We had to find some way to keep the water out of the basement and drain where it belonged. Our basement had a perpetual odor of mold and mildew. We also need to worry about pipes freezing, which could be a whole other story when it comes to water in the basement.  We talked to a plumber about what we could do to get rid of the dampness and possibility of water in the basement. He told us we could install a sump pump. A sump pump was lowered into a hole and if the water came up through the drain, the sump pump would pump the water out and the water wouldn’t be able to get into the main part of the basement.  We coupled that with a good dehumidifier and we were ready to put our living area in. We had the carpeting laid and we were waiting for the new sofa. We had a large screen television set on the wall. Then the summer thunderstorms began. We never thought about losing our electricity and how it would affect the sump pump. I was livid when we lost power, the sump pump quit working, and our carpeting was destroyed.  The plumber told us we may have to install a battery operated sump pump to pick up and continue working, when the regular sump pump failed.

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