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Sewer line repair

I had to hire a professional plumber because I had a lot of pipes that were springing leaks.  I was not happy when I asked if he could inspect my sewer pipe for leaks. He told me he would be able to get a sewer cam that he would insert into the pipes.  As it snaked through the sewer pipes, he could detect leaks and breaks in the pipes. I thought about this for awhile before even knowing if I wanted that service done.  I could not understand how his camera would tell him where the leaks were. My sewer lines run under the foundation of my home. There is a thick slab of concrete and two feet of dirt, before he can see the pipes.  He has a video camera that shows him the placement of the pipe and can show the inner walls as it snakes through all of the muck and the dirt. I can understand if he can see a break in the pipe, but leaks are different.  If the pipe were leaking, it wouldn’t be into the pipe, but into the ground. With all of that dirt and sewage, how would he be able to see something leaking out,? Would he not be seeing things leaking in? I’m sure his camera is a good tool for helping to detect a problem with a broken pipe, but it is rubbish to pay for a service that it doesn’t work for.  I would be getting a lot of needless work done, if all he was doing was looking for a leak with that camera.

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