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Bathroom plumbing update

My husband is one of those people who enjoys doing remodelling.  He is really good at it and between the two of us, there is no job that we can’t handle.  We did find one job that turned out to be much more than we had anticipated. We decided to take on the job of remodelling our master bathroom.  We had never done any big plumbing projects in the past. We had an old home and we were pretty certain the bathroom would need to have all of the pipes replaces.  They were badly corroded and clogged with scale. We hadn’t had good water pressure since we moved in. We also knew that our water was badly contaminated. There had been a lot of leaks, and by replacing all of the pipes, we thought we would fix that problem.  I didn’t know that it would be so hard just to remove old pipes. We had invested in two huge pipe wrenches and more fittings than we could afford. Before we were half way done, we knew we needed a new sink, facets, toilets, drains and shower stall. My husband had sat in front of the computer, looking at videos on YouTube, trying to decipher what we were doing.  After spending twice the time we had allotted and more than double the money, I sat down and did some figures. We would have saved more than half of our expenses and half the time, if we had just called a plumber to do the job. We should have left the job to the professionals.

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