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cranking up the cooling system

The wedding anniversary of our parents has become  a much anticipated celebration for our family, as our siblings, brothers and I have married and had children of our own, the people I was with and I have all moved to all different parts of the United States. With slender task schedules and separate lives to live, it has become increasingly difficult for all of us to party to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and other celebrations.. So, a few years ago the people I was with and I decided to surprise our parents with an important party and have made it a yearly event since, and last year, the Springtime weather was way too hot outside. As more of us arrived and the condo became more crowded, the temperature in the condo kept rising, however my Mom turned the cooling system on, but even after turning it on high, the measly cool air did nothing to help at all. It was very clear to me that  there was something going wrong with the air conditioner, but our Mom refused to call an Heating and A/C tech to come and look at the cooling system unit. Instead, he recruited his best friend, who helps him repair almost everything. As the people I was with and I all sweated waiting for the cooling system to work, the two boys tried for minutes to make the air work. Without success, our mom finally decided that we should all go out to dinner to an air conditioned diner. While the people I was with and I were out, our siblings had an Heating and A/C repairman come in and patch up the cooling system, however both of us returned condo to chilly air blowing from the unit, then no a single told our Mom that an Heating and A/C tech had come out, so to this day he thinks he is responsible for fixing the air conditioner.

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