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Town and well water

My family has a well, which we use for all of our water needs.  The water is really hard, and there is an overabundance of calcium and magnesium.  My husband and I had had enough of the hard water, and we recently invested in a water softener.  The water softener filters the water, taking out all of the calcium and magnesium ions. It does this by utilizing resin that is cover with positive charged sodium ions which becomes exchanged with the calcium and magnesium.  We had to do something about the hard water. We were needing to throw away the pots and pans, and our dishwasher was destroyed. Everything was getting a buildup of lime scale, and there were definite sign of where the other chemicals were eating through the metal.  I was to the point where I didn’t even want to use the dishwasher because of the film that was being left on my glassware and plates. I was washing and scrubbing them, to keep them looking clean. I also had a problem with my shower. I had buildup on my shower head and on the faucets.  My hair was dirty looking and I couldn’t get enough sudsing action to get the dirt from my hair or off my skin. I read an article that was talking about hard water being the source of eczema, and even acne. According to the article, people who had hard water, had a 50% higher chance of acne than those who didn’t have hard water.  That was when we made the decision to have a water softener installed.

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