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Tampa has many districts

Just north of the town of Tampa, FL, sits a small historic neighborhood called Ybor City. Ybor City is an area north of downtown, settled by countless immigrants from Cuba as well as Spain! These immigrants essentially made their home in Ybor City. Ybor city is well known for the cigar manufacturers as well as hand-rolled cigar stores. The town comes fully alive inside the evening, as well as is known as one of the exceptional vacation endpoints in Florida. The evening life as well as bar scene are easily second to none other in the state. Ybor city in Tampa, FL is a national landmark also. There are a number of buildings listed in the register for historic venues. There are various things I love to do, inside this small historic district. Ybor City in Tampa, FL has various boutique hotels as well as remarkable historic buildings. Things have been well preserved, in order to keep the authentic look as well as feel of this ancient cigar city! For the art admirers, you might want to visit the Hoffman Porges gallery. You can also take a class in the Ybor Art Studio. They teach all sorts of classes each afternoon, such as blacksmithing, pottery, as well as sewing. For the food devotees, Ybor City in Tampa, FL offers a few different types of famous cuisine. You can find traditional Cuban as well as Latin American food, while still having a craft beer from the Tampa Bay Brewing Company‚Ķ If you don’t have little kids with you as well as can relax for the evening, there are plenty of venues to enjoy live music. Ybor City in Tampa, FL, offers a number of dance clubs as well. This old school Tampa Bay area has essentially something for everyone.

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